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5 Healthy Lunches made with Hummus! How to pack a whole week's worth of school and office lunches with one featured ingredient.

5 Healthy School And Office Lunch Ideas With Hummus

If you love hummus as much as I do or have a tub in your fridge that you need to use up, you are going to love these five healthy school and office lunch ideas with hummus!

5 Healthy Lunches made with Hummus! How to pack a whole week's worth of school and office lunches with one featured ingredient.

5 Healthy Lunches made with Hummus! How to pack a whole week's worth of school and office lunches with one featured ingredient.

Packing lunches for school or the office has never been easier! Using a single featured ingredient throughout the week is a great idea if you want to save money at the grocery and reduce wasted food at the end of the week. If you haven’t watched my other videos featuring one main ingredient and you like this one, then you will want to check them out! Here are 5 healthy lunches with turkey, 5 healthy lunches with chicken salad, and 5 healthy lunches with boiled eggs!

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Check out how quick and easy these hummus filled lunchboxes are to make in this quick video. And by the way, if you are not subscribed to our YouTube channel, you should. A new recipe video comes out every single week! -and it’s free.


You’ll find simple recipes like these, along with a shopping list in our lunch plans, so make sure you grab a sample plan.

With these easy school and office lunch ideas, you’ll put your favorite hummus to use, since now you know that hummus is not just for dipping! Hummus is a great way to add flavor to many of your recipes going beyond eating it cold straight out of the tub. Using it as a spread or a salad dressing are two of my favorite ways to use hummus.

With today’s ideas, you’ll see how easy it is to pack to use hummus in a variety of ways, so the lunchbox never gets boring.

And if you are wondering about those lunchboxes, you can grab a set of them here.

What ways to you enjoy adding hummus to your lunch?

healthy school lunch idea: hummus pizza lunch with veggies!

Healthy Lunch Idea: Easy DIY Pizza Lunch

Looking for a healthy lunch idea your kids will love? Check out this DIY Pizza lunch! super easy to make with fresh ingredients.

Need an easy and healthy school lunch idea? Check out this DIY pizza lunch!

healthy school lunch idea: hummus pizza lunch with veggies!

My kids love interactive lunches. You know, the kind they can put ingredients together and build their delicious masterpiece while talking to their friends.

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I first launched MOMables to help parents make healthier versions of some of their favorite school lunches and meals, and everyone asked me for a “healthy pizza.”

In our weekly meal plans, we include tons of variety that help thousands switch up the classic pb&j sandwich, ham and cheese and even steer away from store bought boxed lunches.

What I love about this pizza lunch is that it engages kids to play with their veggies, to use them as pizza crusts and toppings, and to have fun with their foods! The lunchbox is an EasyLunchboxes container. 

The toppings are unlimited and the pizza combinations are endless. The bonus is that making this lunch is really easy.

The reason I chose to use hummus for this lunch is because the last time I tried to send a build-your-own pizza lunch to school tomato sauce went everywhere. That was the last time, clearly.

I also just found this “pizza” hummus by Sabra at the grocery store and it really does taste like pizza. Don’t worry, they don’t have meat or tomato sauce in it; it’s the seasonings and fine pieces of red pepper that give it it’s pizza-like flavor.

If you think this lunch idea is fun, wait until you see the ones in our sample meal plans.

Healthy Lunch Idea: Easy DIY Pizza Lunch

healthy school lunch idea: hummus pizza lunch with veggies!
  • Author:
  • Yield: 1 lunch


  • 1/2 round pita, cut in wedges
  • 1/2 large cucumber, sliced
  • 1 single Sabra Pizza Hummus or,
  • your favorite hummus
  • toppings of choice (sliced olives, tomatoes, peppers)


  1. Assemble all items inside a divided lunch container or divide with silicone muffin liners.
  2. Pack inside the lunchbox along with a spoon to spread the hummus onto pita wedges.

From time to time, I work with awesome companies to develop recipes for this website.  Today’s post was brought to you by Sabra Dipping Co. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that encourage my creativity. 

Greek Chicken Flatbreads

Roasted Chicken Flatbread Bar from MOMables.com Get yourself out of the lunch box rut! Sandwiches don't have to be boring; our Greek Chicken Flatbreads will show you just how delicious lunch time can be.

Tired of making the same sandwiches for lunch?  Mix things up by adding Greek Chicken Flatbreads to your rotation!

Easy School Lunch or Office Lunch Idea: Greek Chicken Flatbreads

Falling into the sandwich rut of lunch packing is an easy thing to do.  We’ve all been there.  After so many days of making lunches, sometimes we just need quick and easy.  Sometimes, quick and easy can be even better than a sandwich, AND come from dinner time leftovers!

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That’s exactly what these Greek Chicken Flatbreads can be for you.  Simple, familiar ingredients make this a great dinner; roasted chicken, romaine, cucumber and tomato with a creamy hummus dressing, all wrapped together in a soft flatbread or grain-free pita.  Left overs make a delicious lunch that’s sure to get you out of that sandwich rut!

Looking for more ideas like this, to add variety and fun to your family meals?  Join us over on MOMables to sign up for our menus!

Greek Chicken Flatbreads

  • Author:


  • 1 whole smoked, barbecued, or roasted chicken, shredded
  • 6 whole grain flat breads
  • 10-12 whole romaine heart leaves, washed
  • 6-8 ounces kalamata olives
  • 8 ounces crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 batch creamy hummus dressing

Tomato-Cucumber Salsa:

  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • ½ small red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 medium cucumber, ends cut and diced small
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • ¼ teaspoon dill (or Italian seasoning)
  • Olive oil, drizzle
  • salt, to taste


  1. On a flat surface, shred chicken meat using two forks. Discard bones.
  2. Place remaining ingredients in their own dishes in an assembly line on the table.
  3. To assemble: hold your flatbread on your hands or on a plate. Place romaine leaves as the base to hold your chicken. Top with olives and feta cheese, drizzle with about a tablespoon of hummus dressing.

For Salsa:

  1. In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients. Drizzle with a little olive oil and add a little salt to taste.


2 sabra hummus

Hummus Lunch Ideas—Perfect for School and Office Lunches

Do you have hummus lovers in your house? I do! Not only do we have hummus lovers, but we also have gluten-free and grain-free diets that I have to take into consideration.

In this post, you’ll see three ways you can use Sabra hummus in grain-free and gluten-free lunches. Did you know MOMables is launching a grain-free meal plan?

Hummus stuffed cucumber cups

Stuff cucumber cups with hummus

I am very particular about the type of hummus I purchase for my family. Just like coffee, I like consistency. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to Sabra’s creamy texture, and with ten different flavors, variety is available!

Hummus is made from pureed chickpeas. This is the dip that totally has America under a spell. How can a product made with such simple and natural ingredients have such a hold on us? Once you examine all of the flavors Sabra Hummus has to offer, the health benefits, and the many ways in which you can use hummus, it really is no wonder why it’s so popular. The savory dip is just irresistible!

I mean really, what’s not to love?! It’s naturally gluten-free and high in protein and fiber. MOMables is all about providing you with a well-balanced meal plan that has everything your kids need to keep healthy and strong! If you need some fresh ideas or would like your lunch box plan set for you for the entire week, then join us here!

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hummus stuffed avocados for lunch

Hummus stuffed avocados, kept chilled inside a Yubo Lunchbox

For those who are on gluten-free diets (and even for those who aren’t), it’s the perfect lunch box builder or snack. Plus, it is ultra-portable. And for those of you who thought hummus was just a dip, you’re in for a real treat! Not only can you use it as a dip for fresh veggies, pita wedges, crackers, pretzels, etc., it can also be used as a spread for sandwiches and wraps or to stuff avocados and veggies like above!

Next time you make a sandwich or wrap, use hummus instead of mayonnaise. Or you can spread some hummus on your toast or bagel instead of butter or cream cheese in the morning. Another great aspect of hummus is that it’s so filling, you don’t even need bread!

You can also use hummus as a base to make your own salad dressing or even toss it with hot cooked pasta. The possibilities are truly endless. Plus, because Sabra Hummus offers so many different flavors to experiment with, I’m certain you’ll never get bored!

Hummus and kalamata olive lettuce wraps

Hummus and kalamata olive lettuce wraps topped with feta cheese. Served with tomato and pesto + blueberries

In our upcoming Grain-Free Meal Plan, you’ll receive three single-serve meal ideas (lunch) and two family-size meals. All of which will have you eating naturally grain-free. In this plan, you can expect to see more ideas on how to incorporate hummus into meals.

If you haven’t tried hummus yet, I recommend you head over to the store and give it a try. I would encourage you to also make sure you have some fresh veggies or crackers on hand. But all you really need is a spoon—once you try it, you’ll be hooked!