Time-Saving Tips to Make Meal-Making Easier (Podcast)

Time Saving Tips to Make Meal Making Easier

Do you find yourself not having enough time to make meals for your family? If you answered yes, this is for you! In this podcast, Aviva gives some great time-saving tips to make meal-making easier. Listen to The Six O’Clock Scramble: Time-Saving Tips to Make Mealtime Easier on iTunes or Stitcher. Aviva is a family dinner expert and the founder […]

20 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe Ideas

20 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

What do you do with all of your holiday leftovers? There are only so many times you can eat it the same way, then there comes a point where you just can’t handle another plain slice of turkey. It gets to be too much. That’s why we love coming up with creative ways to repurpose leftovers […]

How to Prep for the Week in One Afternoon

how to meal prep for the week in one afternoon

Want to know how I prep for the week in one afternoon? This is how I do it. It is no secret that I am not a fan of the bewitching hours (5 pm to 7:30 pm) at my house. With three young kids, homework to be finished, a house that needs to be picked up, mouths […]

Avocado Bacon and Parmesan Pasta Lunch

Avocado, Bacon, & Parmesan Pasta - MOMables.com

Need to step outside the box just a bit? Check this out! Here at MOMables, we understand the need to mix up the lunch box and serve some delicious non-sandwich ideas.

Cream of Soup Substitute

Creme of Soup Substitute Recipe

Need a recipe for a cream of soup substitute? Try our homemade version and ditch the can! There are so many soups and other recipes that call for a can of cream-of-something, but when you look at the nutrition facts and the ingredients list, it’s enough to make you want to turn the other way.