10 Summer Camp MOMables Lunch Ideas and Recipes

momables camp lunches menu plan

Get access to a FREE week of school lunch menus One Simple Lunch Plan, Unlimited Kid Lunch Ideas Year Round Here at MOMables, we know lunch doesn’t end when the school year does. For many of us, we’re still packing for day care, work, and even camps. That’s why we’ve also put together one plan […]

Lunch Packing for 2, 4, or 28. Here’s How!


Get access to a FREE week Would you get overwhelmed if you had to pack lunches for 28? Don’t worry, I don’t pack this many every day, but I’m going to show you how easy it is to pack lunches for 2, 6, or 20! I recently volunteered to make lunches for a school that is […]

French Kids Eat Everything, do yours?


Have you ever wondered how other people’s kids seem to eat a more varied diet than yours?  And at dinnertime, is it a constant struggle to get your kids to try anything new?  You are not alone.  I’ve gone through periods where I became a short order cook and felt a pang of jealousy towards […]

Your school lunches could look like this…


What if we told you that you could make lunches like these in less than 10 minutes? Made with ingredients you select, foods your kids like, and portions you can control Seriously, our lunches are nutritious, easy to make and quick to prepare Making healthy,  fresh and convenient school lunches has never been easier We […]