Lunch Packing for 2, 4, or 28. Here’s How!


Get access to a FREE week Would you get overwhelmed if you had to pack lunches for 28? Don’t worry, I don’t pack this many every day, but I’m going to show you how easy it is to pack lunches for 2, 6, or 20! I recently volunteered to make lunches for a school that is […]

EasyLunchBoxes Review and Giveaway! -Closed

MOMables Menu: Grilled Frenchman

I was so pleased when asked to write the review for EasyLunchBoxes. If you’re a lunch packer, MOMables subscriber, or frequently find yourself eating in the car between school, little league, and cub scouts, then these boxes are definitely for you! I’ve spent the past 4+ years packing lunches for my daughter on a daily basis. […]

LunchBots: Sturdy, Fun, and Versatile


For someone who packs lunches daily for a household of three, using waste-free materials is important to me. They need to be sturdy enough to stand the abuse of a six year old, aesthetically pleasing so that the fella won’t think they’re too “cutesy” to carry at work, convenient for packing healthy foods, and easy to […]

Hooray! Finally an easier way to sneak nutrition

Hooray puree variety

I used to think that sneaking in more nutrition in my kids food was complicated until I read a book on how to be sneaky.  Then, I began making my own purees and freezing them.  Although time consuming, it’s definitely worth it if you have a four year old that only wants to eat mac and […]

How to Save Money When Shopping Organic

How to save money when shopping organic

Making the decision to eat organic foods can put a real damper on your family’s budget.  The costly price of eating healthy has found many families in a predicament.  Which foods should you buy organic? Where will you get the best bang for your buck? Here are a few tips to help you keep your […]