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tips for feeding teenage girls healthy foods

Feeding Teenage Girls: When You Are the Only One Eating Healthy (Podcast)

Struggling to feed your teenage girl healthy foods? If so, you are going to love this podcast.

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Today Laura interviews Monica Bravo of Bravo for Paleo. Monica, one of our MOMables interns, tells us what it was like to make the decision to eat healthier as a teenager when it often was not socially acceptable. She has wonderful tips on food preparation and insights into what parents can do to teach their kids to eat healthier and love their bodies.

Monica started a blog about living a paleo lifestyle and eating grain-free in college because she wanted to show people how they can eat healthy while they’re in college. She likes to share information about her favorite places and products as well as her favorite easy-to-make recipes.

Monica shares what inspired her whole family to take a closer look at ways to improve health through food and nutrition and specifically what inspired her to change to a grain-free diet. She tells us what have been the keys to her successful transition and how this transition has changed her life.

In high school, having a diet that was substantially different from that of her friends was very challenging for Monica. How did she deal with eating out, pressure from friends to “just have one Oreo,” and explaining why she was not eating what everyone else was eating. She gives us tips on how to help your child or teenager prepare for situations like these. One particularly challenging situation was a spring break trip with friends. She talks about how she prepared for the trip and how slipping up actually helped deepen her commitment to eating grain-free.

Monica also talks about how important parents are in helping kids have a positive body image and an interest in healthy eating. She was a dancer for many years, and having a positive body image can be particularly challenging for dancers. She shares what her parents did to counteract that.

Now that Monica is in college, she is the one primarily responsible for buying and preparing her own food. She tells us what she does to make sure she makes the time to have a healthy diet while still having an active social life and school schedule.

Monica’s final piece of advice: Find what works for you. Care about your own body, and find what foods make you feel good and make you happy.

Want to know more? Get a few recipes and explore a bit at Bravo for Paleo. Interested in Track Your Plaque? Go check it out here!

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How to Buy the Best School Lunch Containers (Podcast)

Tips and tricks you should know to buy the best school lunch containers. 

This week on Momables Radio, Laura talks to Kelly Lester, the creator of EasyLunchboxes.com, the #1 best-selling lunch containers on Amazon. In addition to being a CEO, wife, and mom of three, Kelly is a singer, actor, and cookbook author.

how to buy the best school lunch containers podcast | MOMables.com

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Kelly shares her insights on finding the right containers to pack healthy school lunches for our kids. She talks about finding the right solution—whatever the product might be—that will make our lives easier and simplify the process of making real food convenient.

When Kelly’s girls started school, she was not thrilled with what school lunches had to offer. She wanted to be able to send her kids to school with simple, healthy food. She soon discovered that the inefficiency of mismatched containers and the frustrating puzzle of putting it all together was enough to drive anyone crazy! This frustration was the inspiration for creating EasyLunchboxes.

Today, Kelly talks about all things lunch. What’s the best way to figure out whether a lunch container will work for your kids? Should you buy lunch bags to fit containers or containers to fit lunch bags? And why in the world does Laura keep lidless EasyLunchboxes in her car?

Kelly believes that laying the foundation for healthy eating starts when your children are young. She discusses her thoughts and offers tips for getting them involved. She also tells us how that foundation paid off in the long run. Hint: Her oldest daughter sends photos to mom of the lunches she’s packed for herself! Kelly’s cookbook Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Easy Lunch Boxes even has a whole chapter dedicated to college lunches.

Of course, healthy, easy lunches aren’t just for kids. Kelly and Laura talk about the many benefits of packing lunches for adults too. Saving money is on the top of the list, but that’s just the start.

Finally, in Laura’s “one piece of advice” series, find out what Kelly credits with helping her be successful in all aspects of her life.

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