Tips for Building a Happier Home (Podcast)

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with all things parenthood, this podcast is for you. From delegating chores and responsibilities to finding work/life balance and rediscovering sex (gasp!), Meagan and I talk about tips for building a happier home and how to keep our emotional tanks full so we can focus on doing what matters.

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Meagan Francis is a mother of five and a blogger, writer, and expert on being a happier, more productive mom. Her blog, The Happiest Home, and her book: The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhoodhelp mothers find satisfaction in family and home life, while encouraging them to go after their own dreams too.

Meagan’s work has appeared in dozens of magazines and websites such as Parenting, Parents, Good Housekeeping, The Huffington Post, and She also appears often in media outlets including the New York Times, Woman’s Day, and Fox & Friends.

Many moms experience a level of loneliness that surprises them. Laura explains that there are two types of loneliness and discusses how to reach out and get past them. She talks about the difference between seeking connection via blogs versus forums and private Facebook groups, and which might be better.

Moms need real-life friends, too. We’ve all read tips on going to the park or library storytime to make mom friends, but are those really the best places to do that? Does a misguided sense of nostalgia lead us to believe that we’ll form tight-knit, playgroup-based friendships, where all the moms will be friends for life? What if we don’t find that? What if that doesn’t fit with our personality? Meagan has some ideas for thinking outside the box when it comes to forming friendships.

Delegating chores and housework is important in the Francis household, but she says chore charts really aren’t her thing. Meagan tells us how she goes about it and why that works for her family. Moms often feel they don’t have time to get certain basic things done, such as taking a shower or getting enough sleep. Meagan has advice for how to choose what things really need to be a priority and how that might be different for each person.

Speaking of priorities, does it feel like everyone else is swinging from the chandeliers and “doing it” except for you and your sweetie? We dig a little deeper to find out what’s really going on.

What does it mean to have work/life balance or mommy guilt? Meagan tells us what those phrases mean to her and how she does what she calls “riding out the cycles of life.” Meagan describes what it means to “aim low and go slow” in our lives. She explains how compromise doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Finally, Meagan gives us her best advice for having a happier home and what that means to her.

Note: I was also a guest on Meagan’s podcast: The Home Hour. To hear us talk about all things school lunch, click here

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