Tips for Successful Meal Times with Sarah Bester (part 1 and part 2) {Podcast}

Are you looking for some tips for successful meal times? In today’s podcast, we are talking about 5 things we can do before mealtime to set it up to be successful. Happier, drama-free meal times where everyone looks forward to spending time together, this is what we are aiming for.

5 Tips for Successful Meal Times: MOMables Radio with Sarah Bester- Part 1 of 2 {Podcast}

Sarah Bester (CNP) is a Family Nutritionist and Picky Eating Coach who helps busy moms to end the cycle of picky eating and take-out dinners, so their families can eat more real, healthy food!

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As a certified nutritionist, with an expertise in feeding and healthy habit development, Sarah knows the importance of raising healthy eaters.  As a mom “in the trenches” with two young kids, she also knows first-hand how challenging it can be to actually get a meal on the table (and the frustration that follows when kids refuse to eat it!)  Through easy to follow steps, and simple strategies, she provides moms with the tools to quickly and easily feed their families.  Her mission is to prove to parents that their kids can learn to love a wide variety of food (yep, even veggies!) and that mealtime can be fun, not a battle.

Sarah is inspiring healthy habits and happy, drama-less mealtimes for families everywhere. Download her Quick Guide to Adventurous Eating to discover 5 simple strategies to get your picky eater to accept more variety (includes 5 recipes!).

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This podcast with Sarah Bester was so successful we had to have a second.

Here is part 2!

In this second part of my conversation with Sarah, we really dig into the topic of picky eaters. We talk about the common parenting mistakes when we have picky eaters and some of the small things that are contributing to our kid’s picky eating, how to build healthy eating habits, how to get our kids to eat veggies, and more.

If you have not heard the first part of the podcast, I encourage you to listen to it before moving onto part 2.

Specifically, we address:

  • My child doesn’t like _____ or won’t eat any vegetables etc.. How can I get them to eat it?
  • All my child will eat is ______. How can I get them to accept more variety?
  • Should I make my child sit at the table until they have eaten everything on their plate?
  • My child eats ________ for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) every single day. Is this okay?
  • If my child says she is hungry before bed, is it bad that I feed her?
  • Is it okay to bribe my child to eat something? (i.e. Eat one bite of this, and then you can have that)
  • How do you know if your child is eating too much/not enough?
  • How do I deal with behavioral issues at the table (i.e. throwing food, yelling etc)
  • Is it okay to sneak greens into smoothies, sauces etc?
  • How do I know my child is getting the nutrition they need?

Download the “Tips for Successful Meal Times (part 2)” podcast or listen on iTunes & Stitcher.

Sarah is inspiring healthy habits and happy, drama-less mealtimes for families everywhere.


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