Yumbox Lunch Box Review

Want to know one thing kids love just as much as toys? They love cool lunch boxes.

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It’s true! There is nothing better than seeing my children’s face when they open up their lunch bag and find their awesome lunch in a colorful Yumbox.

Last week, I made my daughter’s lunch in her new Yumbox. I think I was more excited than she was!

Have you seen this cool lunch box yet? It’s called a Yumbox. What I love about the company is that they focus on teaching children healthy eating habits through balance and portion control.

It is an adorable bento-style box with five beautifully labeled and illustrated compartments: dairy, fruit, protein, grains and vegetables. It even has an extra little spot for dipping sauces—the “dipper” spot is perhaps my daughter’s favorite. She suggested that I add a couple of chocolate chips in that spot, and save the dip for another day because she is not big into dipping.


I LOVE the multi-compartment tray. It’s easy to pull out to wash it, and it fits perfectly inside the outer leak-proof box. This may sound silly, but the little compartments help add variety and make packing lunches more fun! It’s like having my own personal built-in lunch box checklist.

I no longer second guess if I gave them too much or too little! The Yumbox breaks it down for you. I love lists and anything that makes packing lunches easier, don’t you?

I’ve packed lunches in our Yumbox for more than a week straight, and I love that the possibilities are endless. Of course, sometimes I double up on the fruit or veggies, and I use no dairy, but that’s okay! I just move my little item over to another compartment.

Want to know one more thing that I can’t do without? Wait for it… wait for it… the Yumbox is leakproof! Oh yes! No more swished-around wet ingredients, or yogurt-lined lunch bags, or applesauce mixed with the pretzels. Woo-hoo!

My heart practically melted when my daughter picked up her sandwich, looked below it at the picture, read “grains,” and then proceeded to finish her yogurt and read the word “dairy.” Then she asked: How is yogurt made? My mind was blown. So many teaching moments!


Watching her pick up her food, look at it, and then reveal the correct corresponding food group was a very special moment. After she gobbled up her entire lunch, she announced to all the other first graders that her mom makes the best MOMables lunches! Mission Accomplished! Thank you, Yumbox!! Now I need to get a green one for her brother!

You are going to love owning a Yumbox. Trust me, I’m already fantasizing about the day where I can have a tray for each day of the week! Okay, but this is because I pack my lunches ahead of time by using our lunch plan. One thing that I love about the ability to pack ahead of time is that the compartments are air-tight! So the sandwich bread doesn’t dry out either! Win, win.

I know you’re going to want one (or two or five), but perhaps this holiday season you can gift one! Think about it. How often do you end up buying “another toy” or something just because you need to gift something? I am notorious for gifting lunch boxes to my friends, and this year, many of them are getting a Yumbox. Yes, moms love gifts that will make their life easier, and packing lunches is part of that!

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