5 Reasons to Switch to Glass Storage Containers

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Are you tired of cracked plastic containers, lids that don’t match, and messy tupperware cabinets? I know I was! I couldn’t take the storage cabinet chaos anymore. Last week I switched to glass storage containers and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

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My friends at Mighty Nest know that I like to prep for the week on Sundays and that I often have lots of leftovers to store in my fridge. I mentioned that I’ve been wanting to do something about the plastic container chaos in my kitchen and they offered to help me make the switch to glass storage.

I cannot believe I waited this long! My cabinet is organized and the glass containers fit inside each other. This completely debunked my belief that glass containers would take up more room.

glass storage containers fit in the cabinet just as well as plastic. they all fit inside each other. lids on right organized by size.

While I already had some glass and porcelain bakeware, the glass storage containers fit inside each other without any issues. I also organized the lids inside a glass baking dish arranged by size.

One of the things I loved right away is the ability to place hot food directly in the glass container. This is very helpful when you are finished with dinner and want to store leftovers quickly so you can begin washing your pots and pans. Previously, I’d wait for the food to fully cool inside the pan before transferring it; now, I can transfer the food right away and not have to wait and come back to finish cleaning up the kitchen.

Of course, once the food is cooled it gets refrigerated. I finally feel like my fridge is organized the way I want. I like that glass is clear (some of my plastic containers were not) and I can see the contents of what’s inside.

refrigerator filled with leftovers and food that is prepped in glass containers

Something else I really like is that I can prep grownup lunches in the glass containers from leftovers and they go straight inside the lunch bag. At work, we can microwave it and eat it from the same container. It’s better for the environment and our health!

Items I have: 

As you can see, I am excited to finally have made the switch to non-plastic containers for my food storage! 

If you need a couple more reasons to make the switch to glass storage containers, here are a few more:

1. Safe: No yucky chemicals to contaminate your food.

Glass is a natural material. It’s impermeable, non-porous, and above all, real (like the food you put into it). Conversely, plastic containers are made with chemicals like BPA and PVC (phthalates) to make them both hard and soft.

Plastic degrades over time, releasing these chemicals into your pure, carefully prepared food. Unlike plastic, glass can take the heat; not only in the oven and microwave, but also the hot cycle of your dishwasher, which makes it particularly easy to sanitize.

2. PracticalGlass goes from freezer to fridge to oven to table and back again.

Because glass performs safely at a variety of different temperatures, and is visually simple and attractive, you don’t necessarily have to dirty up another container to heat food that’s been stored or to serve food that’s been heated.

Glass also has a huge capacity to absorb and retain heat so when your homemade dish is made in glass, it will likely stay warm for second helpings at dinner.

3. Transparent: See your beautiful food clearly, find it easily.

No matter how hard we try to practice a first-in, first-out system when storing food in the freezer, inevitably some things get pushed to the back where they can be easily forgotten.

Storing in clear glass makes it so much easier to see what’s you’ve got. When our food is visible, we often remember to actually cook it! Some people rely on food dating to keep track of pantry staples. Washi tape adheres well to glass and a wax china marker cleans off easily.

4. It’s sustainable:
Don’t let its beauty fool you, glass is incredibly durable and holds up to years of reuse. Though it’s admittedly more expensive to purchase, glass lasts longer than plastic, is made from a sustainable resource, and is 100% recyclable. So the cost to your family, and our planet, is far less in the long run. And of course, it’s better for the earth!!
5. CleanFood stored in glass tastes like it’s supposed to.

Store food in glass and it won’t be altered by the flavors of previously stored food or stale refrigerator smells. Glass is non-porous and difficult to scratch (reducing the risk of trapped food particles), and there is no plastic-y taste competing with the great flavor of the food you worked so hard to make. Unlike plastic containers that go from a “new” look to a stained and scratched version quickly, glass remains looking the same.

So many benefits to having glass storage! Now for the amazing part.
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