6 Tips to Cut Your Food Budget in Half

Are you finding yourself spending too much money on groceries? Know that you are spending too much but can’t pinpoint where the money is going? Don’t fret, this happens to the best of us and there are things you can do today to cut your food spending!

how to cut your groceries in half

If you are wondering how you can spend less on groceries without eating pasta every day or clipping coupons, check out the list below to see how you can cut your food budget in half with these simple tips:

Establish a Food Budget.

Establishing a food budget is essential if you want to reduce what you are spending. When asked, most people want to save money on food but don’t know exactly how much they should be spending. Creating a weekly budget for food, and only food is an important first step to figuring out ways to save.

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Shop less often.

More trips to the grocery mean more money you’ll spend on food. Even if you “forgot” something, that trip is likely to result on purchasing other items that were not on your original list.

Establishing a “shopping” day once a week is ideal because you’ll be able to plan your meals from week to week without feeling overwhelmed. There are some budget-shopping pros that swear by two bulk shopping days per month and a quick trip to the store once a week for fresh items like milk, but if you are starting to watch your food budget, once a week is the way to go.

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Comparison Shop.

Going to multiple stores on a single shopping trip can seem like a hassle but when you create a shopping list and then allocate certain products to a store where you know the price is much cheaper, you’ll save on average 20-40% on groceries.

Prices can vary tremendously from store to store so knowing what to shop where is crucial. Again, try to consolidate the shopping trip to a single day to eliminate impulse buys and to only shop for the items you know are cheaper in that store.

Pay with cash.

Say you allocate $200 per week to your grocery budget, why not put the cash in an envelope marked as “groceries” and set out to shop with it? The thought of not having enough cash at checkout alone should keep you from loading the cart with items you don’t need. It’s impossible to go over budget when you don’t have any additional cash to pay with, don’t you think?

Create a budget meal plan.

It’s one thing to create a meal plan another to make this a thrifty plan that includes real food and fresh ingredients. Most people think that it’s impossible to feed a family good food when on a budget, but you can! Our Budget Dinner Plan has helped our members make 5 dinner meals for $50 per week!

Shop your pantry.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased an additional can of black beans or another frozen bag of broccoli, for example. Sure, they don’t seem like an expensive item but $5 or more per week on items you already have at home add up!

After creating a meal plan, head to your fridge, freezer, and pantry and mark off the items you already have at home. This will ensure that you will save money and that the food you have won’t go to waste.


tips to cut grocery budget

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