Want to make your transition easier?

Start with the 7-Day Clean Eating Reset

What if you could help your family succeed in the next 30 days by doing one simple thing?

When we asked our Family KickStart alumni "what would make it easier to succeed with the Family Kickstart Program?" The answer was clear: a transition week.

A transition week helps families transition from their starting point (where you are today) into the Family KickStart Program.

When we implemented a 7-Day Clean Eating Reset, an astonishing 30% more families finished the program.

Meaning, thanks to the "transition week" their success rate of eliminating processed foods and sugar skyrocketed!

Can you imagine how great you'll feel in just 30 days?

You can purchase the 7-Day Clean Eating Reset for a one-time offer of $9.99 today to help you on your journey.

The 7-day plan includes:

  • 1 week of clean eating meals
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
  • Meal prep sheet
  • Completed shopping list

The 7-Day Clean Eating Reset is will make the transition into eliminating processed foods and sugar much easier for your family. Grab a copy today!

The 7-Day Clean Eating Reset is a one-time add-on to the Family KickStart program created to help families ease into eliminating processed foods and sugars. The regular price is $14.99 offered at a one-time discount of $9.99 to your current order. The 7-Day Reset is a one-time purchase program and will be delivered automatically post purchase.