End Mealtime Struggles

Learn how parents are teaching their kids to taste new foods and transforming their mealtimes.

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Most nights, you can hear something similar at the dinner table:

"I don't like that!"

"Please take ONE bite!"

"Just try it!"

Again, and again, and on a different night.

Now, cooking meals has become a chore because pleasing everyone is nearly impossible.

And, in order to get everyone to eat, you're serving different foods.

From time to time, you've even said "if you eat X you can have dessert..."

I totally get it because that was my story years ago.

As a full-time working parent to 3 kids, I too run out of steam at the end of the day, so the last thing I want to do is fight at the dinner table.

And you're not alone.

72% of the parents in our community say that mealtimes are a struggle.

They are making multiple meals, picky eating is stressful, and their biggest wish is that their kids tried new foods, but they don't know how to make that happen.

What You'll Learn FROM THE eBOOK 

The eBook you're about to download, contains strategies and tips that has already helped transform the mealtimes of thousands of parents in my community. 

It's not the kind of "free tips" you find on the internet.


I spent 7 years in weekly therapy appointments with my son and you're getting the condensed version of what worked for me and proven with our members.

Plus, I'm including some kid-friendly recipes to help you incorporate veggies into your meals... and more.

Hi! I'm Laura,

The mom behind MOMables, a website that has helped more than 20 million parents take the stress out of mealtimes with weekly plans and programs since 2011.

Today, I'd like to share with you how parents are helping their kids learn to try new foods, with simple and effective techniques that work!

Speaking of things that work, how about some delicious, veggie-centric kid-friendly recipes that many parents are loving? Ok, I'll send those too.

I promise to only send you family-friendly tested recipes and actionable tips you can use to improve your mealtimes.

After all, family meals should be enjoyable, don't you think?