Meal Prep Hacks to Save Time

If you are doing the Family KickStart Challenge, a Whole30, or a Sugar Detox and need meal prep tips, you are at the right place. In this post, you are going to read about some of my shortcuts when it comes to making it easier to feed my family fresh foods, 3 meals per day, for 30 days!

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Cutting out processed foods and sugars may seem like a simple task at first, but when you add eliminating grains, gluten, dairy, as well, it’s easy to go into kitchen overwhelm.

Fear not. I’ve done this many times, and for the most part, I’ve eaten like this for the last six years. My family, however, makes this change a few times a year when we actively do the Family KickStart Program.

The reality is that the health benefits always outweigh the kitchen work -so it’s worth it!
And as you can see from the video below, I have a system of hacks when it comes to preparing food -check it out.

If you are doing the Family KickStart Program, you know many of these hacks from the prep sheets and no doubt, it helps that the work is written out in parts of what to do each day of the week to help you get ahead.

Whether you are doing Family KickStart, Whole30, or another wellness program, you’ve probably wondered, how can I save time when it comes to meal prep?

Meal preparation is the biggest problem when it comes to being able to succeed with one of these programs because most parents find themselves doing multiple meals for their family. The “adult” meal that fits the program and a “kid” meal that is healthy-ish to please the kids.

So for sure, you are spending more time in the kitchen -unless you are doing KickStart because I mean… who can turn away Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boats or Chicken Burrito Bowls?!

It is true that preparing all 3 meals, 7 days a week for 4 plus people is a BIG job! However, it doesn’t have to be hard!

Being prepared with your food is vital in sticking to the plan. If you are prepared, you will save time, so it’s always best to find a routine in the kitchen that works for your family.

To check out the Family KickStart Program click here.

Spend less time cooking with these easy meal prep hacks. Great if you eat real food, follow a Whole 30 diet recipes, or Family KickStart Program

Whole 30 Meal Prep Hacks to help you spend less time in the kitchen and make mealtimes easier

Meal Prep shortcuts to help you make real food meals faster

Meal Prep shortcuts to help you make meals faster

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