Fruit Ice Cubes

Looking for a way to jazz up your water? Try these fruit ice cubes!

Fruit cubes would be the perfect addition to your water or sparkling water instead of just plain ice cubes. Don’t think about adding artificial flavors or sweeteners to your water when you can use real fruit. Here at MOMables, we pride ourselves in using real food and getting rid of artificial flavoring. There is no need to add any sweetener to your water when nature’s own sweetener is made naturally in these fruits. One of our drinks, aguas frescas, is a great example. Here, we’re making fruit cubes to chill your water and add a little extra fun surprise to their school lunch. First wash your berries. I used strawberries and blueberries in these fruit cubes, but you could use your preferred fruits. Place berries (chopped if necessary) into your ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze. Add to your drink, and enjoy! As the cubes melt, the fruit flavor infuses your drink more, and you will end up with yummy fruit to eat when you finish! You could add fruit cubes to water, sparkling water, lemonade. The options are endless. My family enjoyed it best with just water. Sometimes water can get boring, and these fruit cubes made it different and exciting. My daughter’s favorite part was to fish out the fruit at the end. She kept trying to take the fruit out of my fruit cubes once she was done with hers. My tip? Make lots of extra fruit cubes! These were a hit and disappeared fast. We will definitely be making them over and over again, with different combinations of fruits! These fruit cubes would also be a great addition to any party. They are so simple to make but yet they make any drink seem better!


About Michelle

Michelle is married to her college sweetheart David and together they have a beautiful daughter and a cute puppy. She has a love for baking, breakfast foods and presenting her daughter’s lunch in creative ways. In her personal blog, Creative Food, she shares fun and creative bentos and lunches that she makes for her daughter.