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I couldn’t believe it. She spit out her food out all over the table.

She took a bite of her broccoli and held it in her mouth. I tried to encourage her, “I know you don’t like it, but it’s good for you and it’s important to try new things” But she kept holding it in her mouth, refusing to swallow it.

“Just swallow it. You’re going to choke!”

And then, she threw up everywhere.

I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown...

Hi, I’m Laura Fuentes, and I’m sharing this story with you today because I’m a mom of 3 kids, and my first, Sofia, was an extremely picky eater.

Who am I kidding? My second child was a picky eater, too. He put me "over the edge" and that's when I decided to find a feeding therapist for us because "I couldn't take it anymore."

And my third? Eats most things. The only difference? By the time I had him I knew how to deal with it, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was all so stressful.

At the time, I was a new parent with two kids under three. I just wanted the best for my Sofia. I wanted her to eat nutritious foods so she could grow up healthy. But she just wouldn't cooperate.

I felt like I tried everything, too.

And I began to realize…

This wasn’t a stage...

When Picky Eating is No Longer a "Stage"

Our family pediatrician assured me that many kids are "picky" and it's a common struggle around the age of two. He assured me, “all you have to do is keep offering them foods and they’d eat them… eventually.”


Years went by and no one outgrew this stage on their own.

I kept researching. I read books. I hired experts. I talked to friends. And that’s when I realized that everything out there about “picky eating” was bad advice.

As a matter of fact…

Here are 4 Things I Tried That Didn't Help With My "Picky Eater Problem"

I was desperate, and kept trying everything.

Failed Tactic #1: The "One Bite Rule

I tried the “one bite rule.” 

(If you haven’t heard about this, it’s when you encourage your child to “take just one bite”).It didn’t work.

What was I thinking? If she didn’t want to eat a tiny steamed piece of broccoli, why would one bite change her mind?

Failed Tactic #2: Gentle Encouragement

I tried gentle encouragement. 

“Just try it! You might like it.”

But her face told the whole story.

She’d puff up her chest, scrunch her nose, and shake her head… NO.

Failed Tactic #3: Bribery

Then, my husband got an idea…

“How about we bribe her with dessert?!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. This is her mother’s child. No bribe is going to work. But I was open to trying it…

And…  it didn’t work.

I was at a loss.

Failed Tactic #4: Forced the Kid to Eat

So, I forced her to eat it. 

“You are not getting up from the table until you finish your broccoli.”

And that’s when she threw it up everywhere.

And then my family would fight

“See, you upset her!” he said.

I know he didn’t mean it, but I got so mad at him. Am I a bad mom because I want my first child to eat vegetables? They’re healthy for her! She needs the nutrition!

It got worse, too.

The dinner table became a battlefield filled with tears, tantrums, and arguments. First, me and my children would fight. Then, I would fight with my husband.

I needed help.

So, I asked our family pediatrician. He assured me, “many kids are picky and it’s common around the age of two. Just continue to offer healthy foods and they’ll eventually start eating them.”

But that never happened.

Years went by and no one outgrew the “stage” of picky eating on their own… no matter how many health foods I placed in front of them… no matter how many times I offered them… no matter how “involved” my kids got with cooking.

As I kept doing research, I realized that almost no one knew what the heck they were talking about!

What they said: “Your picky eater will outgrow it!”
What I found: No, your picky eater does not always outgrow it.”

What they said: “It takes 15+ times for a child to try something before they like it!”
What I found: “Sometimes you can’t even get your child to try something ONCE”

What they said: “They are just asserting their independence.”
What I found:  “Okay. I buy it. In the 18 month to 3 year range. But what about an 8 year old?”

What they said: “They’ll eat when they’re hungry”
What I found: 
“Sometimes they will just refuse to eat, and throw a tantrum about how hungry they are before bed.”

What they said: “Keep offering the food. One day they will try it.”
What I found: 
“Useless, since that’s exactly what I was doing and not working”

I used to like cooking for my family, but the dinner table became a battlefield between the kids and adults, and between my husband and me.

And I was making multiple meals for my family - I was was completely exhausted.

Something NEEDED to change. And fast. Our family (and my sanity) depended on it.

And that’s when I saw something crazy happen…

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it, but it set me on a path where I eventually figured out the solution to “picky eating” with children.

Fast forward to today, I have 3 awesome kids, and Sofia?

She eats broccoli by the pound.

And even though my next child was an extremely picky eater, by the time I had my third, I knew what worked and what didn’t work.

So, what was the secret?

Here's the #1 Thing You Must Know About "Picky Eaters"

After struggling for so long, I felt helpless. Until one day. I saw the secret behind how to persuade my children to try something new…

I’ll never forget it.

I was at a birthday party. It was Sofia’s friend. She’s my oldest child. Her best friend, Casey, grabbed a carrot, dipped it into ranch dressing, and ate it. Then, like magic, I saw her do the same thing.

She grabbed a carrot. She dipped it into ranch dressing. She ate the whole thing.

And she did it again.

And OMG with the other veggies on the platter!

She would refuse to eat vegetables at home, and yet there she was. Eating vegetables. A lot of them.

Holy smokes I couldn’t believe what just happened. I was practically jumping up and down -so I took a photo

“It’s because she saw her friend eat it!” & “It’s because she likes ranch dressing!”

And that’s all true.

But I noticed something else, too.

Kids want to try new foods…

...but the pressure is just as stressful for your child as it is for you.

Believe me.

As annoying as they are, they don’t want to disappoint you. Or upset you. But they do want to feel like they have some semblance of control over their life and the big problem?

Most parents approach “fixing” picky eating the same way I did it.

And it fails miserably.

Now that I’ve had 3 kids I’ve figured out the secret to fixing the “Picky Eater Problem,” and it feels amazing.

Now I could finally enjoy dinner with my family again.

Without the headaches.

Without the tantrums.

Without the fights.

But as you may know, I’m the founder of MOMables, 4x Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, the lady that cooks on television and YouTube...

And even though I’ve shared this story before, other parents have reached out and told me they’re struggling to fix their “picky eater problems.”

Even though it seems so simple, it’s not easy.

There’s always a lot of debate around these sorts of issues because every kid in every house is different… and it’s important to prepare yourself for each issue… before it happens.

And if I’m being truthful, the only reason why I got good at it is because I’ve had 3 kids to practice on! And I’ve seen and heard it all…

One of my friends had a child who refused to eat spaghetti. The worst part? She discovered this the hard way… one day she was emptying out the washing machine and discovered spaghetti everywhere.

It turned out that her kid had hid the spaghetti in his pocket and put the clothing in the hamper.

So, I decided to take everything I learned about “picky eating” and put it all into an easy-to-follow masterclass. I know how painful having a Picky Eater can be, and this is the best way I know how to help.

(Heck. It might even work on your husband, too)

Introducing MOMables' Happier Plates Masterclass

A 4-week MASTERCLASS to help you transform your mealtimes
with strategies and tools that work!

The Happier Plates Masterclass is an easy to follow, organized system to tackle all areas of picky eating so you can start teaching your kids to like new foods and make one meal the whole family will enjoy. 

Happier Plates combines the best strategies I learned over the years from working with experts to solve my picky eater problems and the most successful when tested by our MOMables Community Members. 

22+ videos for visual learning.
Just 30-minutes per week!

Downloadable audio files for
on-the-go learning.

Printable recipes, worksheets, and guides. Everything you need to help you implement the lessons.

Designed with a practical "learn & implement" style to help you introduce the concepts at home one-by-one.


When you join the Happier Plates Masterclass you'll get the full Happier Plates Masterclass, video lessons, downloadable audio files, worksheet, recipes, bonus materials, and more. 

More specifically, here is what you'll get:

The Principles of Successful Mealtimes: 

I'll share with you the basic principles to help you establish successful mealtimes at home. I'll also teach you the secret to getting your child to be more eager to try new foods. 

This is perfect for people that feel like mealtimes are chaotic, the kids are never hungry but always want a snack.

You'll also learn what's keeping your child from trying new things and you'll learn how to eliminate bribes and negotiating with your kids so the table is more peaceful.

Dinnertime Strategies:

If dinner battles begin hours before the food makes it to the table, you're going to love an entire module dedicated to dinnertime struggles. 

From helping you select kid-friendly recipes with flavors your kids will actually want to eat, to learning how to introduce new foods without hiding it.

With six videos, worksheets, audio files, and meal planner, and recipes, this dinnertime section is packs everything you need to transform this meal. Of course, you'll learn the secrets to making one meal for the whole family and eliminate short order cooking. 

Breakfast, School Lunches, and Snacks: 

Kids never hungry for breakfast? Learn how to make breakfast exciting again -and portable- without sugary convenience foods. 

Wasted school lunches will be a thing of the past when you learn how to make appealing balanced meals fast without packaged foods. You'll also have lots of ideas on hand with our nutritious kid-friendly recipes. 

The most requested meal by picky eaters will turn into a balanced meal option without sabotaging dinner.

This module builds up on the masterclass materials you've learned and teaches you how to apply the strategies when your child is eating away from home. 

Real-life Examples: 

All video and audio lessons includes real-life examples; because honest talk is often the best way to learn new tricks. I'm also not shy about sharing my mistakes, and I've made many, so you don't have to hold back your mealtime success. 

Strategies for Long-Term Success:

The strategies you'll lean in the Happier Plates Masterclass will help you establish successful meals day-after-day for weeks and years after you finish the masterclass.

You'll learn how to get back on track when things go south, when family members don't want to get on board with the changes or sabotage your efforts, and more. 

The Happier Plates Masterclass comes with life-long access to anything we publish in the future, updates, and bonuses.

Food Allergies & Special Needs:

The masterclass is designed to establish positive mealtime experiences for all children even when food allergies and special needs are present. You'll learn how to reinforce positive behavior and encourage the openness to try new foods. 

And even if you're making multiple meals because of food allergies, you'll learn the strategies to making a single meal for the whole family inside of Happier Plates.

budgetize program guide
  • The MOMables' Happier Plates Masterclass Videos + Audio Materials: watch and learn the principles that help you fix and establish successful mealtimes. Take learning on-the-go with the audio files.Inside, you'll find my simple but effective strategies that will transform your picky eaters -not available anywhere else.
  • Picky Eater Recipes: I've got you covered with easy and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes so you can feel better about the foods your child eats.
  • Printables: In addition to the recipes, you'll find mealtime conversation starters to engage your kids at dinner and printables to help you get organized in the kitchen.
  • BONUS Materials: you'll immediately receive access to 3 bonus videos to make mealtimes more fun and enjoyable for the kids; including ways to help you get kids "involved" without making a mess in the kitchen. 

All you have to do, is choose which payment method is right for you:

6 Monthly Payments of $59

(Just $59 today)

Note: when you enroll in the 6-month payment plan, you're required to make all 6 payments as stated in the agreement.

What Members Are Saying About Happier Plates


Then, I bought Happier Plates and I went through the masterclass materials. They are detailed and filled with strategies I can actually implement. Now I know how long it takes for my kids to grow an appetite, making them more eager to try new foods at mealtime.

Tessa McGraham

Single Mom to 3 under 10


Everyone used to eat at different times, never at the table, and the kitchen was a disaster. My kids were never hungry for meals and I resented mealtimes. 

Since Happier Plates, I now make one meal for the whole family and I have more time in the evenings with the kids because meals don't take forever.

Julie Stephens

Mom to 2 picky twins age 11 (and a picky husband) 

I DIDN'T REALIZE I WAS MAKING MY CHILD FEEL BAD ABOUT HERSELF FOR NOT EATING. School lunches would come home uneaten and now I know why. I learned how to talk to my child about food in a way that doesn't still blame and shame. I'm a much better parent n

Thu W.

Mom to 1, age 5

Now, I no longer pick recipes on a whim to introduce new foods, I know EXACTLY how to do it in a way my picky eaters like.

Erika Hansen

Mom to 2 picky eaters, 6 & 9 


We all know how difficult it can be to make sure our kids get all the nutrition they need. Most parents put a lot of pressure on themselves, especially at dinner, to get their kids to eat more vegetables. But, what if we could get our kids to eat a variety of nutritious foods throughout the day? With Happier Plates, it's possible to do all that and more.

Happier Plates is right for you if you want to...

  • TEACH your kids life-long, healthy eating habits from an early age.
  • END dinnertime battles.
  • STOP making multiple meals.
  • Get your child to TRY NEW FOODS.
  • LEARN how to introduce new foods without rejection
  • ELIMINATE tantrums, negotiations, and episodes at the table when new foods are presented. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This masterclass is not for you if you want a magic pill to "fix-things-fast."

The Happier Plates system is designed to make implementation as smooth as possible and you'll see long-term results if you put in the work.


Our kids deserve our help, but without the right tools, it's not always easy.

If you are at a loss of how to turn around your meals, change your picky eater's attitude towards new foods, and want to be part of a tribe of like-minded parents who also struggle with getting kids to "take a bite," you're in the right place.

Because I know you are wondering...


How long until I see results?

While there is no "magic pill", some members see results within the first week, while others take a little longer. Everyone's household and particular picky eating situation is different.

my child has a medical condition, will this fix his picky eating?

While the masterclass offers no "medical" advice, I recommend you work with your medical professional while subscribing to this course. Much of what you'll learn is about what parents can do to help their child, how to set up a no-pressure environment, and creating positive lifelong habits.

How much time does the Masterclass require from me?

Each week you'll find 4-5 videos with a total watch time of approx. 20 minutes. Add another 10 minutes to print the supplemental materials, and the rest is up to you to implement. The course is designed to build on itself, is self-paced, and the access to the materials never expires. 

I have a picky 2 year old and a picky 11 year old. Will the Masterclass work for me?

Happier Plates is designed to create positive habits, transform meal times, and create a positive relationship with food for kids of all ages. While it's not age specific, younger kids might need assistance with plating foods. 

Can you guarantee that my child will eat vegetables?

We wish! What we can guarantee is that if you are willing to do the work, are consistent, and retain a positive attitude; you will see results.  After all, we are all a work in progress.

What will happen after I finish the materials?

The Masterclass will give you the tools and strategies you need to handle picky eating going forward. It's up to you to continue to implement the tools you learn in the masterclass consistently and patiently. You'll always have access to the materials, they don't expire.

How long is too long to wait? 

Right now, you might be thinking, "That sounds interesting, I'll come back to it later." Or perhaps you have a toddler, and you'd like to see if you could "just wait it out", hoping it's "just a phase."

I totally get where you're coming from. That said, the truth is that waiting even "just a few months" is a long time -and we all know that the longer our children stick to their habits, the harder they are to break.

I'll be perfectly honest. One of my biggest regrets is not getting the help I needed sooner, because by the time I did and began to see progress, I was filled with the inevitable "mom guilt."

The fact that you've made it this far tells me that you are searching for a better solution for your family, and that you are willing to put in the work needed to improve your meal times. 

Let's get started!

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