5 Healthy Bentos with Deviled Eggs

Are you looking for fun ways add variety to your healthy school lunches that kids will love to eat? These 5 healthy bentos pack a protein punch and turn your everyday lunchbox into a fun party pack that kids will actually eat!

5 Healthy Bentos with Deviled Eggs | These 5 Deviled Eggs recipes will change how you see Deviled Eggs! Loaded Baked Potato, Bacon and Avocado and of course, Mexican Fiesta!! Give one of these recipes a try and tell me your favorite.

But first, check out this quick video to show you the 5 Ways to Make these FUN Deviled Eggs and pack them in a lunch.

See? School lunches made fun AND easy! 

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With today’s deviled egg ideas, it’s easy to add extra protein and variety to the lunchbox.

The lunchboxes pictured in this post and video are these and can be found on Amazon. 

What’s great about these lunch ideas is that you can make perfect, easy to peel hard-boiled eggs once, and use them up throughout the week to make all five deviled egg ideas.

Here is how to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs. 

Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect protein to add to school lunches and snack boxes. Check out these three healthy bento boxes where we added hard boiled eggs for extra protein.

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Healthy bento lunches with deviled eggs five ways. These aren't your classic deviled eggs, so you will want to be sure to try all five of them out!

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