How to Make Healthy Microwave Popcorn

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healthy microwave popcorn momables.comGrowing up the only way I knew to make popcorn was with a little oil and a hot pan on the stove.

While we still use that method, sometimes we just need popcorn for one or a quick snack that doesn’t involve the clean up of a oil coated pan.

We’ve tried microwave popcorn in the past, but after reading the scary ingredient list of artificial colors and chemicals I began to look for a better way to make microwave popcorn.

After a little searching, I finally found it.  All you need is a 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels and a lunch size brown bag.
1/4 cup popcorn kernels yields approximately 5 cups popped corn

*Put 1/4 cup of the popcorn kernels in the bag.
*Fold over the top of the bag 2-3 times and put it folded side down in the microwave.
*Press the popcorn setting on the microwave.  Let it run until popping slows or microwave finishes.

Cheap, easy and a little healthier, right?  The best part of this snack is that you can make individual servings and top it differently for everyone.  My kids especially love it when I put their names on the bags, making it all their own.

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