How To Jumpstart Your Family’s Healthy Eating Habits

Whether you’ve resolved to get healthier for the New Year, or you just want to start eating healthier overall, you might be wondering how to ditch the junk food and jumpstart those healthy eating habits!

Make healthy eating choices and jumpstart your healthy eating habits with these tips!

After all, healthy eating starts with changing your habits and altering your lifestyle. Today, we’re sharing our favorite tips to jumpstart your healthy eating habits and continue strong with a positive and healthy lifestyle change!

Tips To Jumpstart Your Healthy Eating Habits

1.  Toss the junk.

Plain and simple, tossing the junk is the first step to changing your lifestyle and making healthier decisions. Whether you throw it out, donate it, or have someone else in the house eat it, staying away from it is key. Once you’ve gotten rid of it, it’s easier to avoid temptation, and you can stay away from buying it to keep it out of the house. This can be a little tougher if you’ve got family members in the household who aren’t participating in the same changes as you are, but if that’s the case, just ask that they don’t overdo it and load up the entire pantry with junk.

2.  Get a fitness routine going.

Even if your goals aren’t necessarily fitness related, adding a fitness routine to your life can help you make healthier eating choices. Whether you go out for a walk after dinner with the kids or ride bikes around the neighborhood before dinner, every little bit helps!

Of course, you can also incorporate regular gym visits into your schedule. It’s easier to make better choices after you’ve done a long, hard workout because you won’t want to negate the hard work!

3.  Make small changes.

Depending on what your eating habits are like right now, the easiest way to jumpstart your healthy eating habits might be to just make small changes. For instance, set small goals like “only dine out 1-2x a week” if you’re dining out frequently. If you aren’t dining out much but just eating a lot of junk food from the grocery store, consider limiting your grocery list to one “snack” food per week. After time, you can replace that junk snack food with a healthy snack, and so on. Small changes will allow you to be more successful in the long run than completely limiting everything right off the bat.

4.  Plan ahead.

Meal planning is one of the best ways to keep you on track after you jumpstart your healthy eating habits. Planning ahead can help you stay on track and be successful. Pick one day a week to plan your meals out (even if it isn’t Sunday or Monday like the norm), and make sure you’re staying on that meal plan for the duration of the week. You can even find healthy meal plans tailored to your needs online!

All of these tips will help you jumpstart your healthy eating habits and stay successful. Just remember to stay the course, and trust the program you choose for healthy eating and/or fitness! You might not see results overnight, but 6 months down the line, you’ll be happy you started now and not then!

5.  Stay Positive.

Making changes can be hard especially when you have to motivate your family to make the healthier changes with you. Maintaining a positive attitude is important, even at times when we go back to our old habits and feel less than stellar about our choices. Keep in mind that you are human and we all make mistakes; so reset that mind and remember that tomorrow is another day to start again.

What are your goals for health this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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