July 22nd 2018

With so many of us doing the Family KickStart Program with our families right now, pizza night with these Zucchini Pizza Bites continues to be a winning hit!  

I'm on week 7 of having a limited kitchen (since May 27th, but who's counting!) so I've been grilling a lot. This summer I'm loving simple side dishes that turn plain grilled meat into a winning meal. 

With back to school around the corner, many of you will have hungry teens to feed again and today I want to share with you a few ideas to fill their lunchboxes and bellies. BTS seems like far away? Click on the post and pin it for later!

I'm giving away a few cases of Lorissa's  Kitchen Snacks on my personal Instagram. So if you love beef strips (and jerky) this is one giveaway you'll want to leave a quick comment and enter. 

Let's get this week started!


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low carb pizza?!

Guilt-free pizza never tasted so good! PRINT OR PIN THE RECIPE HERE.

avocado corn summer salad

The perfect side dish to any grilling masterpiece!  GRAB THE RECIPE HERE 

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Shoes, sunscreen, snacks!

Fun, family, sun, and a Lorissa's Kitchen protein snack are just some of the essentials that help me bring a little balance into my day. LEARN MORE HERE.

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