Parenting Picky Eaters {Podcast}

Are you struggling with a child that is a picky eater? Are you out of ideas to try next?  This podcast on parenting picky eaters with Carolyn Bond will give you some great insight!

Parenting Picky Eaters

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In today’s podcast Laura and Carolyn discuss how to deal with your picky eaters. Carolyn talks about why our children become picky eaters, how we as parents can deal with this issue and what she learned personally that helped her turn it all around. Carolyn offers some valuable advice to parents who are dealing with this problem on a daily basis.

Carolyn Bond is a parenting coach who is passionate about helping parents bring up great kids.

She helps parents who are desperately seeking solid, proven and effective ways of raising their kids to become respectful, considerate, loving and independent adults. Her tried and true approach continues to work for everyone who uses it thoughtfully and consistently.

She’s a graduate from the University of Calgary and the University of Toronto with degrees in Sociology and Social Work. She always dreamed of having perfect children and a perfectly orchestrated life – like the one described as a possibility in many parenting books. She’s the author of Parent with Confidence: Power Tools to Bringing up Great Kids.

To her shock, her first child cried for 2-4 hour periods for the first 3 months! After her second arrived, she experienced the wonderful world of sibling rivalry, which progressed to constant bickering and fighting, as the children grew older.

Around this time, she joined a parenting support group where she learned Adlerian psychology. Immediately, she began see how her parenting problems began to be solved, almost miraculously, one after another.

She immersed herself to study this miracle methodology at the Alfred Adler Institute of Ontario and became a leader of many parenting groups in the Ontario area. Over the last 20 years, she has helped countless families with their child rearing challenges. She’s raised 4 wonderful children and now shares her expertise over at

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