Watermelon Pops

Need the perfect snack for a hot summer day? Try Watermelon Pops!what an easy snack! these watermelon pops are fun to make and eat!

There is just something about food on a stick that makes it more fun. My daughter loves food on a stick, like these Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs, or these Snickers Sushi. So why not watermelon? Nothing says summer more than a slice of watermelon. We can go through a watermelon a day sometimes! Since watermelon has a high water content, it’s a perfect snack for a hot summer day.

To make these Watermelon Pops, all you need is watermelon and popsicle sticks.

First you will need to wash your watermelon. You never know where your melon has been or who has touched it, so it is always important to wash it before you cut into it. A little dish soap is all you need. (This is something I never realized until Chief Mom Laura mentioned it! I will always wash my melons before eating now!)

Next, you slice your watermelon into triangular pieces. With a knife, make a slit in the rind in order to put in the popsicle stick.

Put in the popsicle stick, and there you have it! Watermelon on a stick—Watermelon Pops!

These are so simple to make and are a fun way to present a refreshing snack for the kids.

You can refrigerate or freeze your watermelon pops to keep them cool, which make them an even more refreshing snack on those hot days. These have become a favorite in our family, and we especially love our watermelon pops on days that we spend in the pool. With school out and the summer just beginning, I’m sure these will become a favorite for you, too!

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