About MOMables

MOMables began, in 2010, with the idea that packing healthy school lunches should be easy and fast! From simple bento-style lunches, no-cook lunches ideas, wraps, sandwiches, and hot thermos lunches, it’s all here.

Plus, all the tools, how-tos, and tips to help lunches stay fresh until lunchtime.

If packing lunches feels like a chore, you’re at the right place. On this website…

The MOMables recipes are not just for little kids. They’re also for hungry teens, tweens, and kids playing sports needing nourishing foods that keep them full.

About Laura Fuentes

I began packing lunches in 2008 -way before Pinterest, Instagram, and cool lunch boxes existed– and, like many parents, found myself running out of ideas, experienced picky eating, and became overwhelmed by the whole lunch-packing process.

Over the years, I’ve experienced my share of uneaten lunches, squished sandwiches, soggy wraps and crackers, and cold soups that led to a lot of disappointment at lunchtime (by my kids) and after school (by me!).

What began as a way to document my lunchtime wins in 2010 has evolved into a website visited by millions of parents and many kids that want to simplify lunches and snack time.

2011 with big kids & pregnant with #3

Today, I have 2 kids in high school and one in middle school; which means I’ve packed over 5,130 lunchboxes -that’s 24 school years worth!

While I spent my first 5 years of motherhood as a stay-at-home mom –that’s when I learned how to cook for a family– I now work full-time outside the home and try to do my best to juggle it all.

My son tells people that his mom is a YouTuber. I believe parents can make fresh meals at home and that kids can learn to make their own lunches and snacks if they’re shown a simple way.

So, I record “how-to” & recipe videos for parents and teens to learn to cook that are also safe for kids to watch.

I was born and raised in Spain and moved to the US in my teens. Sometimes, in my videos, you can hear my Spanish accent or get tongue-tied -like when I try to say Worcestershire sauce- making my kids and I chuckle.

The one thing that’s carried over into my recipes from my Mediterranean roots is being passionate about feeding my family (and yours) fresh foods.

Although this website is dedicated to everything related to school lunches and snacks, there’s another focused on making healthy eating possible as a family, a third for my Spanish-speaking audience, and another for people who enjoy tequila cocktails.

This unexpected journey has led to many fun opportunities, like competing (and winning!)on Food Network, appearing on Good Morning America and the TODAY Show, having a pilot show on Discovery, partnering with more than 100 brands, and dozens of magazine features.

Also worth noting is that there are also published 5 cookbooks with Fair Winds Press, including a book dedicated to lunches, filled with personal anecdotes and stories.

I’m most proud of showing my children that their mom built a business that helps busy parents feel good about their efforts in the kitchen and families eat better together.

In the end, this website isn’t about me. It’s for you to explore and try new things.

How to Use MOMables

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