The Best Lunch Containers for Packing Healthy Lunches

Packing epic school lunches starts with easy and fun recipes AND the right lunch box containers! In today’s post, I share with you the best lunch containers for packing healthy lunches every day. From kids to grownups most of these are for the whole family.

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When it comes to packing lunch, a whole lot of emphasis is placed on the food, and that’s a good thing! But let’s not forget about the actual container you’ll pack the food in.

Using the right lunch containers is very important because nobody wants to find a soggy mess in their lunchbox, right?

The right container helps you pack lunches fast and ignites your creativity by offering a variety of foods -which is essential to help our kids get lots of nutrition.

A lunchbox with compartments allows you to pack bento boxes, salads, pasta salads, burrito bowls, and even dinner leftovers! Lunch containers are also a safer way to store food since it protects it from getting smashed, damaged, or going bad before lunchtime rolls around!

Check out our favorite containers -but don’t take my word for it, they are also our community members’ favorites!

Easy LunchboxesColorful Easy Lunch Boxes stacked

Versatile, super easy to open and sturdy, these fun lunch containers come four to a pack and in various colors!

They are also dishwasher and microwave safe so a set should last you through the school year, even longer.

These are also great for packing multiple items since the dividers keep wet ingredients like fruit separate from dry ingredients like crackers. They are also made with no BPA, PVS or phthalates making them perfectly safe for carrying food.

Unfortunately, these are not leakproof so I don’t recommend using these to pack items like yogurt or applesauce.
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Yum Box Lunchbox that keeps your food protected and will last for yeard


These leak-proof, compartmentalized lunch containers come in many colors and various sizes so you can choose whichever fits your lunch packing style.

Yumboxes are sturdy and will last you a few years which is a plus for your investment. The trays are top-rack dishwasher safe and the case is hand-wash only.
Shop Yumbox containers here.

Rubbermaid Blox

Rubbermaid Lunch Blocks Consider these the Legos of all lunch containers since they come in various shapes and sizes that fit, like a puzzle, into a blue freezer pack, which makes for easy packing and storage.

They are leak-proof and BPA-free and perfect for sending a few different options in a lunchbox. They also fit the tall and narrow lunchboxes.
Shop Blox here.


Lunchbots Stainless Steel ContainersStainless Steel Lunch Bot that lasts forever and is compartmentalized

These compartmentalized lunch containers are made from stainless steel with no linings or toxins making them a great option for packing epic bento lunches.

The compartments are great to separate foods but they are not leak-proof and price wise they are a bit steep per unit. The good news is that they’ll last you many years (I’ve had mine for 7+ years) so it’s a solid investment.

If you are packing for multiple kids you’ll want at least one per child so although it’s a bit of money upfront, it’s worth it. As your child grows, they turn into great snack boxes.

Omie Box: Lunchbox + Thermos in OneOmieBox packed with a fun and nutritious lunch that keeps your food separated

I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s the perfect container to send hot + cold items to school. Want to send meatballs? You can. Want to send a smoothie bowl? You can do that too!

The thermos piece is removable so you can just use the container in that particular compartment and pack a sandwich instead! It’s versatile and kids love using it.
Check out the Omie Box Lunchbox here.

Reusable Zip BagsReusable zip lock bags for everything from snacks to sandwiches

Love the convenience of sending zip baggies to school? Or maybe your teens no longer want a kid-like container? I get it.

Check out these reusable zip bags. They are food-safe and they rinse off super easy with a little soap and warm water.



Best Lunch containers for school

Now that you have the right lunch containers it’s time to fill them up with delicious food from our family lunch meal plans! Both the dinner and lunch plans have 5 recipes, a completed shopping list, and a meal-prep sheet so you can make healthy meals happen.

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