Santa Fe Chicken Salad Lunchbox

If you’re getting bored with your salads, try this flavorful Santa Fe Chicken Salad! It’s perfect for lunch boxes, and everyone will love the creamy, fresh, ranch dressing.

If you're getting bored with your salads, try this flavorful Santa Fe Chicken Salad! It's perfect for lunch boxes, and kids will love the jalapeño ranch dressing.

My kids get easily bored with salads. I love packing them for lunch because I want to feed my kids nutritious, fresh vegetables, but sometimes they come home and there’s only a bite missing out of their salad! As soon as I started packing this Santa Fe Chicken Salad, their whole salad was gone. Recipe success!

This salad is filled with so many delicious Mexican-style ingredients – black beans, corn, avocado, and yummy taco seasoning. I love to use leftover chicken from burrito bowl night for this salad, which makes it really easy to throw together quick. I’ve also included this meal in our FreshRealm menu so the ingredients can be delivered right to your door, measured and ready to go! Eating fresh, doesn’t get any easier than that!

Check out how easy this salad is to make:

Of course, the star of this salad is the dressing. My kids love ranch, and this quick, homemade ranch is so much better than anything you could find at the store. You’ll want it drizzled over everything!

Grab the salad recipe here or, to have it delivered to your home click here

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