Summer Camp & School Lunch Idea: Pizza Dippers

If your kids love pizza, and you need new ways to send it to school in their lunch, you are in the right place. MOMables is filled with school lunch ideas your kids will love—finger foods, easy for mom to make, and quick to assemble are all part of the school lunch menus.

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Laura, the Chief MOM, reminds me constantly that I should eat my leftovers, but I often don’t know or can’t think of new ways of revamping what I already have. Sound familiar? You are not alone.

Thanks to MOMables School Lunch Menus, I’ve been able to save money on wasted food and a lot of time and “thinking headaches.” I mean, the plan has 5 easy recipes, prep-ahead tips, instructions on how to pack the food, pictures, and a shopping list! It’s just what this busy mom of two needs!

When I tell you that I’m not a fan of leftovers, I mean, I don’t like eating them. I just had that a few nights ago, right? The key is to creatively use leftovers in ways the entire family will enjoy—my kids included. 

But how to make leftover pizza fun? Since most schools have “pizza days” on their cafeteria menu, it’s nice to pack something fun and pizza-y on those days, so your kiddo doesn’t feel so left out if you make them take a lunch due to allergies, dietary restrictions, or other reasons. Cold, soggy pizza isn’t nearly as appetizing as the hot (okay, warm) cafeteria pizza the other kids are eating.

One way to zing it up is by making MOMables Leftover Pizza Swords! But some schools prohibit picks, or you might not have all the extra toppings on hand. Or you might just be in a rush because you realized you forgot to pack lunch the night before (who, me?)—no, not me.

Enter the Pizza Dippers!

By cutting the leftover pizza slice into “fingers” and adding some extra sauce in a dip container, I not only hide the fact that it’s the wrong kind of pizza, but I’m also making it more fun than what the other kids are having! Plus it doesn’t matter that it’s cold, or maybe a little soggy or chewier. Dipping makes everything taste better! That’s a scientific fact!*

I also included some extra olives. In case she noticed that it was the wrong flavor after all!

*Not really. More of a MOM-entific fact. Kids are suckers for dip!

I try to use homemade veggie-filled “tomato” sauce (tomatoes, random bunch of greens, plus whatever other appropriately “hide-able” veggies I have at the time. Probably a parsnip or turnip or something.) Or in a pinch, I’ll steam up a bunch of greens or a head of cabbage, puree it, and add to jarred sauce! Since I immediately portion out and freeze any sauces, I tend to mix homemade with store-bought for dipping, so the texture and color are closer to “normal” looking!


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