How to Make Your Kid’s School Lunch Better in 30 Seconds

Need an easy way to make lunches more fun? 30 seconds is all it takes to wow your kids.

30 Second WOW LunchesOkay, I admit it. I have way too much fun making my daughter fun food. However, I have found that presentation is everything with picky eaters!

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While making food fun might seem time-consuming, I promise you, it can take as little as 30 seconds, and your kids will love it.

Are you ready to wow your kids in 30 seconds? Let’s do it:

You’ll need any shape cookie cutter and your kid’s favorite sandwich. Here I used a star cookie cutter, but you can use any shape you have.

My daughter’s favorite sandwich is a nut butter (or non-nut butter) and honey sandwich, so that is what I made for her.

Use your cookie cutter on your sandwich. Place the cookie cutter on top of the already-made sandwich and push down hard.

MOM Tip: You can cut each layer separately if a cleaner cut is desired.

Place your shaped sandwich in your kid’s lunch box and serve with a side of fruits and vegetables.


This is also the perfect opportunity to let your kids help out in the kitchen and get them involved in eating healthy. My daughter loves to help me make her fun lunches!

Not sure what do do with the bread scraps and crusts? Save the crusts to make Frugal French Toast Sticks!


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