Lunchbox Wars: The DIY Pizza Lunch

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Today we put ones of those boxed Do-It-Yourself pizza lunches to the test. It’s easy to see the appeal of this lunch – mini pizzas the kids get to make themselves – fun! Food and interaction? definitely a plus.

What’s In The Box?

Our boxed lunch came with 4 mini pizza crusts, a portion of rubbery mozzarella (that I had to break apart), a pouch of sauce, a stack of pepperoni slices and a Capri-Sun drink. There was also supposed to be a chocolate treat – but ours was missing! How disappointing that would have been for a child.

Round 1 – Contents

Do the contents match the DIY picture?  It’s always a disappointment to watch my kid open something and when they do… it doesn’t look anything like what’s in the box.  In this case, it holds true.

My version, (shown below, packed in EasyLunchboxes),  has the same ingredients as the boxed lunch, but better quality: nitrate-free pepperoni, whole wheat bread rounds, real shredded mozzarella (not prepared cheese product), and all natural low-sodium marinara sauce.

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The boxed lunch sauce comes in a squeeze pouch – mine is in a recycled condiment cup, so I packed a spoon for spreading. I also added some grapes – the boxed lunch has no fruit serving.

Round 2 – Nutrition

As with the cracker lunches, the boxed pizza lunch has 30% more fat. It’s also 20% higher  in sodium and 35% higher in carbohydrates, probably because it has 55% more sugar! My lunch is higher in one thing – it has 20% more fiber. The boxed lunch does have 10% more protein than my remake, probably from the peanuts in the chocolate bar. Winner by an average of 30% less of what kids don’t need : the MOMables lunch!

Round 3 –  Overall Appeal

My girls had no interest in trying the boxed pizza lunch; primarily because the ingredients looked bland, colorless (the pizza dough) and the cheese felt rubbery.  I can’t really compare taste in this round. Both girls pointed to my lunch and shouted “I want that one!” Winner, by kid’s choice: the MOMables lunch!

The all-around winner: homemade MOMables!

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This challenge showed me that my kids know good food when they see it! Both the 3 & 5 year old chose the homemade lunch over the boxed, on sight. And the homemade version only took a few minutes to put together. You too can make your own fun, fresh & healthy “MOMables” like these, and more, with the help of MOMables menu plans!

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