Tex Mex Bento: A Healthy Lunch with Guacamole

Guacamole is perfect as an appetizer, snack, or any occasion, even for lunch! Yup, and this Tex Mex Bento idea that helps you build a fresh and healthy lunch with guacamole!

tex mex bistro box

You might think of guacamole as the favorite dip at parties or an appetizer served at a Mexican restaurant. I’m here to tell you that it’s also a great option to build a healthy school lunch!

We all know that guacamole is good for you because it’s made with avocados. It’s full of healthy fats, fiber, and minerals such as potassium from the avocado, which are all reasons why guacamole is a perfect item to pack for the lunchbox!

This Tex Mex Bento is built with guacamole, chips, cheese, black olives, and fresh veggies. It’s practically party food for lunch and they are super quick to assemble making them a great option for a fast meal prep.

tex mex bistro box

We parents love that it’s simple and easy to make; just like all the lunch and dinner recipes included in our Classic Family Meal Plans. All MOMables Classic Dinner and Lunch meal plans include 5 recipes, a completed shopping list, and a done-for-you meal prep guide! #Winning To check out the meal plans, click here.

If you want to make this bento even more nutritious swap the chips for whole grain crackers, pita chips, or my personal favorite, plantain chips -yum!!

But let’s not stop there! There are so many other ways to incorporate guacamole into a healthy and yummy lunch. Check out these great ideas below:

7 layer Mexican dip cups
7 layer mexican dip cups

Fiesta deviled eggs

fiesta deviled eggs

As a spread on toast or in a sandwich

avocado sweet potato toasts

On top a burrito bowl
tex mex burrito bowls

On toast or crackers
wasa avocado toast lunchbox

Use it instead of mayonnaise for chicken or egg salad 

egg salad wraps with avocado spread

On top a bowl of Chicken Enchilada Soup
chicken enchilada soup in a thermos

You can make any of these lunches with store-bought or homemade guacamole. If you want to make your own then check out my Easy Guacamole recipe, it’s a quick recipe made with only two ingredients.

Use it to make this bento or enjoy it by the spoonful, there’s really no wrong way ;)

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