7 Nut Free Snacks for the Classroom

Looking for nut free snacks to pack inside the lunchbox or bring to school?

Even if you don’t have a child with a nut allergy, you may have to stop packing nuts for your children if their school has gone “nut-free.” Nut allergies are common and very serious, so some schools are taking precaution by banning nuts in all kids’ lunches and snacks.

Here at MOMables, our mission is to provide you with easy, realistic meal ideas that accommodate your family’s allergies and preferences. We even have a whole roundup of allergy-friendly recipes!

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These 7 nut-free snacks are perfect to send in your child’s lunchbox for snack time during the school day. In charge of the whole class’ snacks? These are great for that, too! All the kids will devour these delicious snacks, and no one will have to worry about their nut allergies.


These nut free snack ideas are perfect for sending in your children's lunchbox if they are allergic to nuts or if their school has gone nut-free.

1. Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

7 Nut Free Snacks for the Classroom

Finding a granola bar without a ton of added sugar is tough, and the mission is even harder when you have a child with a nut allergy. It’s so much easier (and cheaper) to make your own at home with this recipe! These bars smell like banana muffins, but with a crunchy, granola texture. Wrap them individually for easy lunch box packing!


2. Apple Fritter Muffins (Regular and Gluten-free)

these apple fritter muffins are a great nut-free snack for the classroom

Get all the classic flavors of apple fritters without the long preparation process and frying in these baked muffins! They can be made for an easy breakfast, but they’re also great to send with your kid for snack time at school. There’s also a gluten-free option if your child is nut- and gluten-free! Everyone can enjoy these delicious muffins.


3. Gluten-Free “Wheat” Thin Crackers

homemade wheat-thin crackers are a great nut-free snack for the classroom

Everyone loves the delicious crunch of crackers. They make perfect portable snacks and can be served with your family’s favorite dips and spreads. And they’re gluten-free! Send a whole batch to school with your child so he can share them with all of his friends. These crackers would go great with hummus, ranch, or seed butter!


4. Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

homemade fruit roll-ups are a great nut free snack for the classroom

Never buy the boxed fruit roll-ups again! Do those things even contain real fruit?? Who knows. These fruit leathers are simple and require just 2 ingredients. These are perfect for snacks because all kids love the natural sweetness of fruit! It doesn’t hurt that it’s served in a fun and different way, too.


5. Chocolate Coconut Granola

nut free snacks classroom back to school chocolate coconut granola

Throw a few handfuls of this delicious granola into your kid’s lunch box for snack time and he will definitely eat it all! The chocolate-y deliciousness is too good to resist. Make sure to use seeds instead of nuts in the recipe, or you can leave them out entirely! Either way, this granola will definitely be a hit at snack time.


6. Homemade Cheese Crackers (Regular and Gluten-Free)

nut free snacks classroom back to school cheese crackers gluten free

Cheese crackers are a kid favorite, and now nut- and gluten-free kids can enjoy them, too! These cheesy crackers are so delicious on their own, you won’t be able to have just a handful. The whole class at school will love these crispy crackers. Your kids will be begging you to pack them for snack time!


7. Whole Grain Brown Rice Krispy Treats

nut free snacks classroom back to school brown rice whole grain krispy treats chocolateThese brown rice krispy treats are definitely a more decadent snack, but since we’re using better ingredients than the ones in the box, you can feel good about sending them to school with your kids! These treats are simple to make, crunchy, and perfectly sweet. The recipe calls for peanut butter, but you can sub any non-nut butter, like sunflower seed butter.

Do you have a child with a nut allergy? Has your child’s school gone nut-free? What are your favorite nut-free snacks? We’d love to hear from you below!



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