Olympic Lunches for Kids

What’s better than planning healthy school lunches?  Having friends who make them!  

Check out these Olympic–themed lunches for kids our MOMables friends made today. 

By Chef Corey, one of our contributors.
Olympic Lunch over at Family Fresh Meals.

By Cristy, one of our contributors.
Olympic Lunch over at BentOnBetterLunches.


By Keeley McGuire, one of our contributors.
Olympic Lunch over at Keeley McGuireBlog. 

Olympic Lunch by Melissa at Tinkerbean Blog.

Olympic Lunch by Shannon over at MollysLunchBox.

Olympic Lunch by Tracie over at Lunch, Snack & “sninner”.

Olympic Lunch by Karen over at John’s Lunch Bag.

Olympic Lunch by Laura over at El Lunch de mi Enano.

Olympic Lunch by Sarah over at Bentorrific.

Olympic Lunch by Lee over at Bento Monsters.

Olympic Lunch by Jenn over at Bento For Kidlet.

Olympic Breakfast by Emily over at Bentobloggy.

Olympic Lunch by Kendra Peterson over at Biting My Hand.

Olympic Lunch by Marie over at I Brown Bag.

Olympic Lunch by Sarah over at Zoe’s Lunchbox.


A huge thank you to my lunch-making friends who sent over their amazing homemade lunches today!

Laura, Chief MOM

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